October 1, 2023

Worried About a Bed Bug Infestation? Call a Professional Exterminator Today!

Bed bugs, unlike many pests found commonly in homes, are not known to spread diseases to humans. However, these are still annoying insects that commonly attack in your sleep causing painful bite marks on your body. Bed bug bites may further lead to   allergies, in some cases. While DIY remedies and vacuuming may seem promising ideas, nothing beats a professional bed bug removal service. In this post, let’s discuss more on professional pest control for bed bugs.

Benefits of Hiring Bed Bug Control Services

First and foremost, bedbugs are great at hiding themselves during the day. These insects are most active at night, and only when the infestation is extreme is when you may find them in plain sight. Professional pest exterminators are well-equipped and have the necessary experience to handle the infestation. You can rely on them for advice, suggestions, and the right mix of solutions. Contrary to popular belief, bed bug pest control doesn’t have to be expensive and you can expect to get an estimate in advance.

What Are the Best Bed Bug Extermination Treatments?

There are three common techniques or solutions that professional pest control companies use – heat, steam, and insecticide. Although expensive, heat treatment will get rid of all bed bugs. The process involves heating up a room to a particular temperature, which kills the bedbugs and eggs. The downside of the treatment is damage to furniture, plastic objects and flooring. Many pest control companies believe and rely on steam treatment as a better solution. Steam causes the bedbugs to come out of their hiding spots, and steam can be used effectively for killing all these insects.

This is usually followed up with an insecticide treatment, so that further re-infestation can be prevented.

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Finding the Right Bed Bug Removal Service

There are many companies that offer bed bug treatment in Suffolk, but select one that’s known, has great ratings and is experienced. You may want to check the range of pest control services they provide, treatments used for bed bug removal, and prices in general.  If you are working with a pest control company for the first time, don’t shy away from asking for customer references.

Don’t let bed bugs ruin your sleep – call a professional bed bug pest control team now and get advice on how to safely remove these insects.