October 1, 2023

What Makes Tree Pruning Services an Essential Part of Tree Care?


New homeowners who are unfamiliar with gardening and landscaping assume that cutting branches is harmful to the tree. However, when it’s done right, it brings in a lot of benefits for the tree. You can search for “tree service near me” and hire professionals to prune and take care of your trees. Let’s figure out what makes tree pruning services an essential part of tree care.

The Details 

  1. Growth – One of the greatest benefits of pruning is growth. Pruning promotes new growth. When you cut off unattractive or weak branches of the tree, resources like nutrients and water that were being consumed by those parts are now redirected to other parts of the tree. These parts will push out new limbs and try to balance the top of the tree with the large existing root system.

New growth is usually seen in the cut sections of the tree. As you prune more without inflicting major trauma, the tee becomes lusher with more leaves and branches. Make sure that you prune properly and call in a local arborist when necessary. If you have large trees with a wide canopy, it’s best to leave the pruning to professionals. Large trees need to be assessed carefully before they can be pruned. Otherwise, you may stunt their growth if you make the wrong cuts.

  1. Fruit production – If you have dead branches on your tree, they become a burden and a liability for the entire tree. Those limbs are the perfect places for infestations and diseases. If our tree is sick, it won’t be able to produce a lot of fruits. Chopping off the dead branches provides relief to the tree and is a precautionary measure to keep the diseases from spreading to the rest of the tree.

That’s not all. When you chop off those diseased and dead limbs, you encourage spur growth. These are parts of the plant that grow fruits. A healthy tree will have more spurs than a sick tree and chopping off those dead limbs allows the tree to focus on growing more spurs to increase food production and spread its seeds. For you, that translates to a generous harvest.

  1. Disease prevention – As mentioned above, pruning dead and diseased limbs protects the entire plant. While trees can get sick like humans, the nature of the diseases and solutions to them are very different. While trees hit a height ceiling depending on their species, most trees grow indefinitely. So, if there’s a disease affecting one part of the tree, it will still continue to grow with the diseased part attached to it.

Pruning is often one of the few solutions and sometimes the only solution to treat tree diseases. For fungal infections, pruning is the best way to save the tree. Powdery mildew has a reputation for spreading very quickly both inside and outside your home and the same holds for fungus infections growing on trees. If you don’t intervene, the vegetation gets completely wrecked in the best-case scenario. In the worst scenario, the tree dies.

  1. Safety hazards – As mentioned above, trees can grow indefinitely and add rings around the trunk each year. However, they do have a height ceiling. Before they hit that height ceiling, the vertical growth of trees usually follows the direction of the sun.

If its growth is left unchecked and it grows in an unfavorable direction, the situation can become dangerous within a couple of years. For instance, if you allow a tree to grow unchecked and its heavy limbs hang over utility lines, a shed, or the roof, you have a major accident about to happen.

In those cases, the tree should be pruned by a professional with the proper safety precautions. In an ideal situation, a tree service company should be able to prune that tree without damaging your property. If you pay attention to the tree during its initial growing years and prune it carefully, you may not need to face such a situation.

The risks are much higher if you have a tree with dead or dying limbs that are large and bulky. Dying limbs are weak and hollowed out and their weight may make them snap at any moment. It’s important to prune them as soon as possible to prevent them from falling on your property or a person.

  1. Aesthetics – Homeowners don’t just plant trees on their property since they love nature or want oxygen, shade, and fruits from the tree. While those reasons are good enough, a major reason for planting trees on your property is to increase the value of your home and its curb appeal. However, that’s not possible if the tree grows unhealthy. Pruning does not just promote growth and keeps the tree healthy but also allows you to mold the shape of the tree the way you want.

You’ll often see professional gardens where gardeners get paid three figures an hour to trim and prune trees and hedges perfectly in different pleasant shapes. This kind of pruning is called pollarding and is used to limit the height of the tree while maximizing foliage. Those ornamental shapes can push up the price of your property and make it look amazing.

  1. Control unwanted growth – Pruning also helps you remove unwanted growth from the tree. Homeowners often prune their trees to limit their size. No one wants a giant oak tree in their tiny backyard. Others do it to promote healthy and lush foliage growth by practicing vista pruning. You can also prune the roots of your tree if they are dangerously close to utility lines and are trying to invade sidewalks.


Tree pruning services can help promote the growth of the tree and also help to direct resources to the right parts. Sometimes, pruning is the only way of saving a dying and diseased tree. If you need pruning services for your trees, you can search for “tree service near me” and hire the right professionals.