December 1, 2023

Top Desert Landscaping Ideas For Your Arizona Home!

Arizona weather is known to the world. Residents in Arizona often don’t want to spend on landscaping because of harsh summers. However, landscaping is not just about green plants and using extensive elements in the garden. It is more about practical solutions to add value and aesthetic appeal to your property. In this post, we bring the best desert landscaping ideas for your home in Arizona.

  1. Choose desert plants that will thrive

Expectedly, you cannot use some of the common landscaping plants for this region, but that shouldn’t stop your creativity. There are landscaping services that can guide on the desert plants that thrive in this weather. With selected plants, you can add in colored pavers, gravel, to add more appeal. Selected plants that thrive in Arizona include grasses, cacti and sage.

  1. Go the artificial way

If you are a fan of green lawns but cannot afford to spend on maintenance, go for artificial turf. Today, you will find artificial turf options that replicate and imitate the entire look and feel of green grass, and most onlookers wouldn’t be able to differentiate at all. With almost no upkeep and maintenance, you can have a lawn that adds value to the backyard.

  1. For an outdoor kitchen

Many Arizona residents are open to the idea of outdoor kitchen. Besides making the most of space, outdoor kitchens keep heat away from the interiors and are great for summer parties. You can go for BBQ setups and add equipment that you need. Constructing an outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive either, but we recommend that you contact a known and local landscaping service for practical ideas.

  1. Add a water feature

Easily one of the best ideas for desert landscaping, water features can turn your home backyard or garden into an oasis. There are numerous types of water features that you can consider, such as fountains, ponds, and falls, depending on the available space and your budget. Make sure that you engage a professional service to understand the pros and cons of various water features.

  1. Add some lighting

If you don’t want to go for extensive landscaping or want to work within a small budget, consider exterior lighting, which can make the area look more appealing and bigger at night. With selected plants, some seating arrangement, and right lighting, you can spend the summer evenings under the open sky.

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