December 1, 2023

Things to Remember Before Using Vinyl Flooring

Before you start laying your new vinyl floor with your kitchen remodeling Aliso Viejo, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. To avoid damage to the new floor, you should remove quarter rounds from the walls. When installing the new floor, leave a gap of about 1/4 inch between the wall and the floor. Once the floor is ready, vacuum it thoroughly to avoid dirt and debris from accumulating underneath. You should also clean the subfloor well.

Consider installing glue-down vinyl planks under cabinets. Unlike the interlocking planks, these won’t expand and contract when the temperature changes. Also, keep the floor dry, as moisture can cause the vinyl planks to buckle. Installing the new floor on a space is more accessible. You can also place your appliances under the cabinets without worrying about damaging them. If you choose to install the new floor, the place felt pads underneath the cabinets to protect them.

When laying a new floor, make sure you take the measurements of your cabinets first. Make sure you match the cabinets’ finish with the new floor. Otherwise, the new vinyl will show through. Before putting the floor on, get a few quotes and have a contractor lined up. The contractor will also be able to help you prepare for the work. Lastly, you must be careful when installing kitchen cabinets. Installing them before installing the new floor could lead to damage.

If you don’t have enough budget for expensive flooring, consider installing vinyl over ceramic. It can add character to your room while remaining your kitchen cabinet Aliso Viejo remodeling budget-friendly. It can also be resistant to stains and water damage. Vinyl is also easier to clean than other types of floor covering. However, vinyl flooring can scratch and dent large appliances, so be extra careful when moving large appliances around your home. The pros outweigh its cons, making it a popular choice for many homes.

Here’s a helpful infographic from Mr. Cabinet Carewhich may come handy when you decide to start your own kitchen remodeling project.

Things to Remember Before Using Vinyl Flooring