October 1, 2023

The importance of understanding your roof pitch:

A roof is one of the most important components on your home. Understanding the basic requirements for maintenance and repairs can help you to appropriately tackle your home maintenance tasks. In this post, were going to go through more of the details on what roof pitch means and what it is so important to your roof:

Roof pitch explained:

A roof pitch is how you measure the overall slope of your roof. It often comes down to the number of inches on the vertical rise over the horizontal run, if you have a 9/12 roof the roofing system will rise 5 inches for every 12 inch that it runs.

The run is often measured based off of the measurements at the top of the roof or by taking measurements along the rafters.

Roof pitch and why it matters:

It’s very important to understand the factors associated with roof pitch because your contractor will often want to discuss this on the phone. Roofing contractors will take the measurement for you if you don’t have one bite if you are able to provide the measurement over the phone it can significantly reduce the planning in your project and help you get a rough quote up front.

Determining the right type of roofing material:

Your roof pitch will also determine the ideal type of roofing material that can be used for your property. 3/12 roofs for example are not well-suited to composition shingles or for tile roofing. If you would like to work with a qualified residential or commercial roofing contractor that you can trust, contact our team today to learn more. We can provide you with a roofing inspection appointment or perform a wealth of repairs and replacements on your roofing systems.

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