December 1, 2023

Looking For A Unique Building Material? Consider Pink Marble Tiles!

There’s a comprehensive list of building materials to choose from, and as a homeowner, you can decide on what fits your décor needs. However, there are a few options as stunning and aesthetically pleasing as pink marble tiles. Marble tiles, in general, are often a preferred choice of architects and clients like, because of the natural look. However, tiles made of Norwegian Rose marble have a charm that’s hard to replicate. The pink color of these tiles is natural, and with streaks of white and grey, these are perfect for a wide range of settings. The color comes from the stone itself, so there are no dyes and pigments involved.

Knowing the basics

The best use of pink marble tiles is for entryways and kitchens. You can also consider the beauty of these tiles as an accent for selected parts of the house. Rose marble tiles can be used for creating a cozy, cool corner for teatime, or even for the bathroom. These tiles are made of Norwegian Rose slabs, which are carefully selected by manufacturers to ensure that color/pattern consistency is retained. Marble is a natural stone, so variations are likely, but with a good brand or seller, you can expect the best possible uniformity in your order.

Choosing between shapes and sizes

The good news is rose marble tiles are available in a wide range of sizes, so you can consider the choice for varied kinds of projects. For instance, if you want the entryway to have a more segmented appearance, consider the herringbone option. For a honeycomb effect, you can consider the hexgon cut, while angular designs can be achieved with diamond mosaic. There is also Pickett mosaic. For applications that are giant and big, subway design is great.

Ordering pink marble tiles

Marble is great for most applications of a house, but if you are considering pink marble tiles for your countertop, do keep maintenance in mind. It is also particularly important if you intend to use the kitchen counter extensively. You can also consider a mix of cement tile and marble for your entire home, which can help in keep the budget in check. There are manufacturers and suppliers, who deal in both, and with the help of your project architect, you can figure out what works the best for your home’s décor, theme, and practical needs.

If nothing else, pink marble tiles are great for a stunning entry to your home.