February 28, 2024

Hurricane Impact Doors For Your Home In Fort Myers: Things To Know!

Hurricanes can have a devastating impact on your home. Every year, homeowners in Fort Myers report heavy losses because of natural calamities, such as hurricane. Instead of going for standard windows and doors, you can consider better choices that can resist damage. Here are some quick facts worth knowing about hurricane impact doors in Fort Myers before you make the investment.

How are impact doors & windows different?

If your home door is made of single pane of glass, even the slightest storm can cause considerable damage & impact. As the name suggests, impact doors & windows are designed to withstand all of that. these are made of three-layers, with a standard PVB, EVA, or PET layer placed between two layers of thick/toughened glass. There are varied kinds of impact doors & windows available in the market today, which may have even more layers of PET, PVB, to add strength. With a solid frame in place, these doors & windows can withstand most damage caused by various factors, like a hurricane. Doors & windows made with this design can withstand 200 mph winds without much worry. You don’t have to spend on replacement too frequently either.

What are the benefits?

The best hurricane impact doors are designed to minimize water damage, so you don’t have to worry about rainwater even when the weather is not that favorable. This can further prevent a mold problem, which can cost huge in remediation. During a hurricane, flying debris and wind speed can cause the windows & doors to shatter, but because of the multiple layers in these products, cracks and shatters can be avoided. Even if there is a crack in the glass, you don’t have to worry about shards, because of the toughened glass used in making of these hurricane impact doors. These doors and windows also handle change in air pressure and protect your home from unexpected repair costs. Not to forget, your home gets additional protection against break-ins.

Get an estimate

There are many known services in Fort Myers for different hurricane impact doors& windows. You can call one of them and get an initial consultation. Based on the home structure, number of windows and other factors, they will give an estimate. Make sure that these doors and windows have sturdy frames for extra protection, and while that may need extra investment, the numerous advantages certainly outweigh the price.

Infographic provided by Canter Power Systems, generator installation Charlotte NC