October 1, 2023

Guide to Choosing a Stairlift

When people are considering installing a stairlift in their homes, there are a range of considerations. Most importantly, they should work with a company that has experience and an excellent reputation. Professional stairlift installations ensure that safety and function are primary considerations. Stairlifts come in different forms and with different features, and a great company knows how to help people choose what is best for their needs and their budgets.

Stairlift Type

The first consideration in choosing a stairlift is the stairlift type. The experts will come to the home and determine whether a straight or curved stairlift is the right option, and companies also offer new stairlifts in Evesham as well as used models.

The straight stairlift is for stairs without any turns, and they can come in a slimline model with a folding hinge rack. This is a great way to save space, especially if there is a doorway at the bottom of the stairs. The stairlift can be powered and fully automatic, which makes it very easy to use.

Features to Consider

Companies that install stairlifts will come out to help people decide on the best models and features for their homes. Once the type of stairlift is selected, there are different features to consider. Some people may want a stairlift with extra assistance, such as a seatbelt or a swivel seat that lets people rotate the seat around when they want to exit at the top of the stairs.

Other stairlifts come with an automatic power swivel seat that does the same thing automatically. This is a great option when people are carrying other items up the stairs. Finally, there are remote controls that allow people to call for the stairlift when they need it. Finally, stairlifts often come with a warranty that can cover up to five years.