December 1, 2023

Fun Wall Décor Ideas to Give Your Home a New Breath of Life

Are you out there looking for some fresh décor ideas that will give your home a brand-new breath of life? Adding or switching up your wall décor can be one the most efficient ways to do this, as basic and bland walls can really drag down the interior of a property. Are you ready to turn those walls into stylish centerpieces that everyone who comes round won’t be able to take their eyes off of? If so, then you’re in the right place. Regardless of what your style and personality is, the below is going to provide you with some exciting ideas when it comes to adding wall décor to your property.

Try Putting Up Some Large-Scale Art

When you put up a large painting or photograph then you are going to be taking up a lot of the blank space on your walls which gives the room a whole new feel to it. Not only that but you are putting something up in that room that commands attention and people are not going to be able to take their eyes off it when they come round. You can go quite subtle with this by using a minimalist or black and white image, alternatively, you can be quite bold and don’t even have to stick to a conventional square or rectangle when it comes to the shape of the piece. For instance, if you head over to Old Glory Rustic Sign Co you will be able to find wooden rustic American flags. These are incredibly effective and bold statement pieces that would go perfectly in any property.

Curate a Gallery Wall

Nothing works quite as well when it comes to adding personality to your property like a gallery wall. If you display a collection of some of your favorite art or wall hangings, then you can make what was previously a bland wall into something dripping with life and is now exciting to look at. You should make sure that you are opting for simple and cohesive frames because these are a lot easier to pair together. Also, if you are feeling really ambitious then you can extend the gallery wall to the ceiling because this gives the whole room the illusion of being a larger space.

Incorporate an Accent Wall into the Room

Not only can you display different objects on the walls, but you can also take the time to think about actually decorating the wall itself. If you switch up the wallpaper or the paint color of the wall with something really bold that has a lot going on, then this also gives rooms a new lease of life. You don’t just need to use wallpaper either as you have the option to do stenciling or other decorative paint techniques. If you have a bit of money free to burn then a lot of people even hire local artists to create a personalized mural on the wall that can pertain to you specifically or something that you are passionate about.