February 28, 2024

Everything You Should Know About Artificial Turf Solutions

Artificial turf has become more popular over recent years, mainly because of its easy maintenance and effectiveness. Turf installation is a solution that many have embraced as it is easier than having to grow real grass, especially when the weather is unfavorable. So, when you think of artificial turf installation in Houston, you think of a garden or yard. However, that’s not where turf usage ends; there are a range of other uses worth considering!

Artificial turf can work in locations where other options aren’t practical. In this article, we’ll discuss other uses of artificial turf, and highlight other important things to know about it.

These are other artificial turf options:

●     Beautifying small spaces

Artificial turf is not just for large areas or fields; it can also serve in small spaces where grass won’t grow. Since it’s made from synthetic materials, you don’t have to worry about water splashing around while watering (unlike real grass). For instance, if you have a small backyard, you could use artificial turf to make it look cozier. It also gives the space more color instead of looking bland and empty.

●     Enhancing the balcony

About 60% of people living in Houston reside in apartments, meaning most people have balconies. Most people use their balconies as storage sites for old furniture or tools. What if we told you artificial turf could help uplift your balcony?

You can lay down artificial grass to make your balcony look even larger than it is. Having turf on your balcony, instead of a bare concrete floor, makes the area more alive. You can sit there and enjoy the evening breeze while reading- as was its original intent!

Having turf on your balcony floor may also make you think twice about dumping things there. It makes it feel like an extension of your living room.

●     A cheap alternative to breaking concrete floors

While concrete is not ugly, it is not the most aesthetic option. Concrete floors generally look darker, and this makes them boring. However, breaking it up and removing it can be very expensive. It could also take lots of time to complete the process. With artificial turf in Houston, you can keep your concrete floor covered without breaking it.

Artificial turf is a way of taking your bare concrete floor up a notch. Aside from being much easier and faster, covering concrete floors with artificial turf is a cheaper alternative. It doesn’t require much maintenance, and it is very durable.

Can You Use Artificial Turf for A Garage or Parking Lot?

Artificial turf is more rugged than real grass, but you shouldn’t park on it- it’s not advisable. The weight of the car tires will make the fibers of your turf wear out easily.

The inevitable issue of oil leakage is another reason for not parking on artificial turf. It can be difficult to wash off oil from artificial turf, and it begins to look rough when you wash it too frequently. In other words, while turf installation is known to be durable, you should not park on artificial turf.


Generally, artificial turf installation can do more than cover your yard. To enhance different areas of your house, contact us now to talk through your options.