December 1, 2023

Ensure your Swimming Pool is Certified, the right way.

If you own a swimming pool or spa in the Blacktown area of NSW then you may or may not know that the government has the authority to conduct spot checks on swimming pools and even issue fines for any breaches of compliance. It all sounds a bit sincere, but if you aren’t aware and certainly where fines are involved, it is probably an area that you need to be up to speed on.

What is a swimming pool compliance certificate?

This certificate is required to confirm that a swimming pool complies with certain safety standards (for example; child resistant barriers around the pool). Any excavation, building, or vessel that can be filled with water to a depth of more than 30 centimetres may be considered a swimming pool (including spa pools).

These safety regulations relate to every swimming pool on residential property or property used for guest or tourist accommodation, including newly built properties. If your swimming pool falls within this category then you might want to look into pool certification in Blacktown to ensure that your pool meets the requirements set by your local authority.

What to expect.

Interestingly enough, there are a few services available ranging from around $150-$400 depending on if you are booking a re-inspection or pre-sales/after sale inspection. Things to expect from the inspection and what the inspector will check for you are as follows;

Any obstructions from vegetation, including branches that could be used to climb on, CPR Sign must be suitable and in decent condition, fences or pool barrier needs to be the correct height in relation to your pool, the pool gate should also be the right height and open outwards,

Climbing hazards which might include objects on your property depending on where your pool is located and the contents within your pool enclosure whether it be a slide, sun shade equipment or a BBQ, all of which will be taken into consideration and assessed accordingly.

What can you do?

There are a few checks that you can carry out yourself, for example, by looking into the requirements set by your local authority you will be able to self-check your current pool arrangement and make some changes prior to booking a consultation. This should give you a better chance of obtaining certification upon the first visit.

Finally, all that is left to do is for you to find a local, certified pool inspector and make an appointment, there are a few companies available so it really depends upon cost and how comprehensive your inspection will need to be.