December 1, 2023

Easy Ways to Improve Your Kitchen on a Budget

Your kitchen is one of the most lived-in and most loved rooms within your home, and over time it can end up looking a little too loved and lived in. Heavy usage within a kitchen can leave the space feeling more like a place to grab a bite to eatand then leave as quickly as possible.You want to have a place where you and your family get together to enjoy good quality food and good quality time together. So, how can you pull back one of your favorite rooms in the house and on a budget too?

Don’t Go For a Complete Overhaul

When you are working within a budget, you need to focus on a few specific areas rather than trying to tackle your whole kitchen. So, take a step back and look at your kitchen as it is. What is urgent that needs doing, and what is OK for the time being? For example, if your current countertops have seen better days, and they are scratched and damaged, then replacing them will lift the whole kitchen. Or, perhaps the cupboard doors are damaged,but the shells or bases are OK, in which case you can then look at putting new door fronts on with new handles.

Look For New Appliances

Appliances that get regularly used can look poor after a few years, and sometimes the best thing to do is to replenish them, especially if they are left out on your countertops. For example, if you have a rice cooker that is looking like it has been used more than a few times, it is time to upgrade and replace it. When you are looking for new appliances, especially those for your countertops, it is important to shop around and look for discount codes where you can. For example, crateandbarrel free shipping or 10% off discount codes can save you money which you can then use towards another purchase for your kitchen.

Focus on the Lighting

No matter how small or large your kitchen space is, the lighting that is used can and will make a difference. Old-fashioned light fixtures and fittings can leave a kitchen and dining space feeling old and dated. So, add a bit of style and class to your kitchen and dining space by adding some modern light fixtures that attract attention. Go for something that looks stylish and makes a statement. Creating a focal point with new lighting and using bright daylight bulbs will make a space feel light and airy.

A Coat of Paint Works Wonders

From grubby finger marks on the walls to fat and grease splattered behind the stove, walls and paintwork take their fair share of wear and tear, and over time grubby paintwork and faded paintwork can really bring a space down, especially one that is so heavily used, like the kitchen. So, give your kitchen a pick-me up by giving the walls and ceilings a fresh coat of paint. When you are choosing a color for your walls, try to go for one that makes the space feel bright, light, and airy, and try to go for a finish that is easy to cleanand easy to wipe. Walls that can be wiped and cleaned can stay looking fresher for longer.