February 28, 2024

Different Gardening Tasks You Can Undertake to Make Covid-19 Lockdown Worthwhile

The present Coronavirus pandemic situation has not only increased tension and stress in our lives, but even opportunities. After all, don’t you think by staying locked up in your home you can finally try new things, or may be take up home improvement project? Of course, you can.

If nothing strikes, you can always consider working on your front or backyard, and thereby enhance the overall look of your property. Gardening is a soothing activity, and there are several small and big gardening tasks you can undertake. Let’s see what all can you do in your garden during Covid-19 lockdown…

List of gardening tasks you can undertake in lockdown


Yes, it is a laborious task, but it can be fun and amazingly beneficial for your garden. Besides, if you don’t think you can do it manually, simply checkout top soil spreader machines at ecolawnapplicator.com. They deal in quality topdresser materials, spreaders, and other accessories.


Well, this is a perfect opportunity to pull out those unwanted plants from your lawn. You have ample of time on hand, and this means you can be extra precise. Avoid using any chemicals or herbicides, and stick to manual weeding to ensure soil health.

Trimming and Pruning

Your existing plants and trees will finally have your complete attention. Ensure you trim and prune them well, and especially don’t forget to prune the shrubs that have finishes their blooming cycle.

Lawn Renovation

You can plan a complete lawn renovation. However, be prepared it will be a lengthy project. You might get occupied for several days, but it will be so worth it. After pulling out weeds, mow your lawn, and add re-seed the entire area. Well, make sure you keep the trimmings in your garden, and don’t leave the house in order to dump it.

Pay attention to houseplants

If it has been a while you haven’t repotted your house plants, well do it now. It is the right time to prune the winter growth off. Plants like Ficus ginseng will surely admire your time and attention in this regard.

Well, you see there is just so much you can do in your garden to pass time in lockdown. Besides, gardening task will not only make your garden look prettier, but even take your mind off of depressing coronavirus news and updates. So, get ready to get a little dirty in your garden, and if needed take professional guidance from reputed companies like Ecolawn Applicator.