December 1, 2023

Different Dishwasher Types and Styles

Dishwasher types are many, so it is wise to understand each one. However, the choice is subjective because it depends on your family size, habits, budget, and available space.

  • Built-in dishwasher – Work noiselessly as they are surrounded by the kitchen cabinets. It is connected permanently to the plumbing. There is no concern about connecting it to the faucet and being unable to use the kitchen sink, while the dishwasher is switched ‘ON’.
  • Portable – Portable option is great for small kitchen space or are unable to attach necessary plumbing or whose dish cleaning needs are infrequent or those living in rental homes.
  • Countertop – The unit is small and movable. It is a great option for those on a tight budget or those with less kitchen space or even if they have space, they will enjoy the luxury even if they manually wash the dishes.
  • Front control – Great for families as front control allows them to select cleaning options, set, and move away. Kids can even learn to use the unit with ease.
  • Top control – It is an aesthetic unit because controls are hidden from direct view. It seamlessly aligns with the kitchen cabinet. Control buttons are on top and accessible when the door is opened.
  • Freestanding – It can be portable or built-in. The front is visible and installation does not need a special plan. Simply slide it inside the designated space.
  • Fully-Integrated – Once integrated dishwasher gets installed, they are invisible. The whole kitchen looks streamlined but in case of appliance malfunction, the technician will need to open the front to access the control panel and display for troubleshooting or repairs.
  • Semi-integrated – The units are streamlined but control panels are visible, but make it easy to work in case of issues in the dishwasher.
  • Drawer-style – It makes loading and unloading more convenient as you don’t need to bend. There are two levels and each has its own drawer.

  • Full size – For small families, who hardly host parties can opt for the smallest full-size that holds 120 different items including cups, plates, cutlery, and pots. For large families or those entertaining a lot, the large full-size capable to hold 150 different items is a great option.
  • Slim – Slim units are 5” smaller than full-sized. They are not energy efficient but you have short space and need a dishwasher then this is the one.
  • Compact – In terms of size compact dishwashers are similar to a microwave. They have a capacity of 6 place settings but use plenty of energy and water per load than slim or full-size units. People who cannot bend down can find this compact counter-top model a great choice.

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