December 1, 2023

Creative ways to design your open terrace.

In India, if you possess a house with an open terrace, then you are pretty lucky. This area can be such a refreshing treat when you can spend your mornings and even enjoy the chilled evenings in this space. However, just having an open terrace isn’t enough. Today, you require to design it to make this place beautiful and full of positive energy and vibes. If you are thinking for some open terrace decor ideas, then we have got some open terrace design Indian style ideas listed for you below.

  • Adding a pergola over your open terrace – Adding a pergola is both modern and open terrace design Indian style that you can opt for your home. It can be of various materials like fibre, wood and so on. These not only protect your open terrace area from the direct sun rays, but also add a sense of beauty to this space. Furthermore, your open terrace looks more sophisticated and well maintained if you add a pergola in this area. 
  • Transfer the open terrace into a garden – Having a green area outside or above your house is such a wonderful advantage. You can easily turn it into a garden for your home if you don’t own one! To do this, you just need to plant or add some beautiful flower shrubs in the area, get some garden decor items and even go for artificial grass on the floors. The end results would be such a pleasant area in your open terrace that would be so welcoming. 
  • Add some dreamy lights in your open terrace – One of the most underrated decor item for an open terrace design Indian style is adorning the place with dreamy lights. Now, you can either go for the permanent light fixtures that can illuminate this place daily evening for you without fail, or opt for the decorative lights that you can hang and light up the space on special occasions to make it look admirable. 
  • Add a wooden deck – You can now make your open terrace more functional and appear more sophisticated if you add a wooden deck in this area. We know the expense of installing a wooden deck can be huge, but believe us, you will never regret your decision. In fact, you can make your open terrace into different areas like an entertainment space, a man’s cave and other areas, if you have a solid base in it with a wooden deck. 
  • Add comfy furniture in your open terrace – It’s wise to turn your open terrace into a very functional area. And the best way to do so is by adding some comfortable furniture in it. It can be a lounge, some chairs, a centre table and even an arm chair. Just remember to pick some really pleasing looking furniture that can instantly spruce up the decor of your open terrace. You can also keep your used furniture in this section of your house, however, remember to repaint and clean them before doing so!