February 28, 2024

Who doesn’t dream of having a pool in their backyard? There is something about an inground pool that can really make your backyard feel like an oasis, a place where friends and family can hang out on a hot summer day and really enjoy one another’s company.

It all starts with determining what kind of pool you want first. There are not only so many different styles available, but a plethora of sizes, too. You don’t want to go with something that is too small to accommodate guests but not something so large that it feels like too much (and breaks the bank to boot).

Medium Pools

That is why getting a medium pool is typically the best option. They are big enough to accommodate guests comfortably, but they don’t feel like this gaudy waste of money that some of the larger pools can feel like.

Having a pool installed is about creating some balance in your yard and a medium-sized pool can fit perfectly in many setups. They can run in different sizes but generally six to eight meters is the perfect size for most yards.

From there, it is about choosing the style that you want and seeing how it works with the rest of the property.

Style Options

When you go with a medium-sized pool, there are a ton of stylistic options to choose from. Popular pool styles such as the chateau, provincial, Oxford, imperial, junior Hawaiian, Cambridge, regency, conquest, grandeur, and Bermuda are all available to fit your needs.

Each one comes with different shape and sizing options. The Bermuda, for instance, fits its name thanks to the triangle shape. The junior Hawaiian has one straight edge and then several rounded edges to give the pool a little more personality.

The grandeur offers a seating area where guests can hang out, enjoy a drink, and stay cool without having to go for a swim. It all comes down to personal preferences and budget when choosing your style of pool.

You want to get something that serves a practical use but one that also looks aesthetically pleasing. With so many options to choose from, you can find something that not only works for your aesthetic needs but also fits within your budget.

Get the pool that you have been dreaming of all tailored to look as you want without having to spend a fortune to do so.