December 1, 2023

Choosing Durable Floor Covering for Your Business

If you are considering your flooring options for a large-scale project one of your main considerations will be wear and tear. Areas with large amounts of traffic, whether from feet or forklifts, often show signs of wear too soon. But you will be well ahead if you choose the right floor covering for the application. The other alternative is to do what they do at the movie theaters and just keep the lights down low. But if that is not an option, here are three tough products, each with their own advantages.

Epoxy: Epoxy is a heavyweight on this list. It is the industry standard for many applications because it is so long lasting. In areas where there is wheeled traffic, Epoxy will usually be the best choice because it is bonded to the subsurface. This leaves no room for movement of the material. Epoxy also fills cracks and is an excellent waterproofer. Epoxy can be applied to be very skid resistant and it also can be used as a levelling compound.  Today there are many finishes and colours to choose from. Epoxy flooring services in Adelaide are available. Epoxy kits can be found too, but epoxy is a product that is unforgiving and not recommended for DIY applications.

Rubber: Rubber flooring is great for many high activity areas, and in places where things come crashing down, like in a gym or playground. Rubber isn’t the most stylish choice, but there are some options in surface patterns and colours that a good designer can utilize for a more attractive application. Rubber is also the best for anti-slip and joint pain reduction. It can be a benefit for employees who work long hours on their feet.

Tile: Tile flooring is a very old surfacing solution. But it has come a long way lately with its varieties of looks and shapes and surfaces. Quality tile can remain fresh looking for decades under the right circumstances. Modern processes have improved the durability, but it is still susceptible to breakage and being jarred out of place. However, if the look of the application is more important than its durability, Tile has a nearly unlimited variety of looks and surfaces to choose from.

All three of these materials have their place in commercial applications, but they also have different advantages. Consider the conditions of your worksite carefully. These days epoxy seems to be the most popular choice. But the other two are also excellent in the right situations.