July 25, 2024

Amenities to Invest in for my ADU

Mostly built on bigger properties, accessory dwelling units are always secondary and rather distinct residences. A different in-law apartment (as ADUs are often called) as an extra live-in unit may be included in your custom-built home. In general, these auxiliary dwelling units often share the same utilities (gas, water, electricity, etc.) as the main building, but they will be treated separately for municipal building code reasons.

It’s crucial to choose the right amenities for this space if you hope to make something tangible of it. These rooms typically have their unique bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. You can choose the rest of the facilities and features. You are expected to accommodate the demands of anybody you intend to have in the apartment if you’re thinking about renting out the ADU. And also, in this case, you must think about the most sought-after amenities in your area. Or perhaps leave it to the professionals by looking out for an adu in California.

Important Ammenities for ADUs

If you are considering renting out your ADU, it is only fair and normal that you fit it with the best of the best amenities available in the market. This is owing to the fact that you aren’t just making the life of the occupant easier, but you’re also interestingly driving up the overall value of your property.

Therefore, this section takes a look at some of the most pertinent amenities your ADU will need to be among the most sought-after on the market.

Hot tub: Though you might not look forward to sharing your treasured pool space with a stranger, that shouldn’t mean they have to keep dry. Now, If you’re hoping to rent out your ADU, having a distinct hot tub can be really beneficial. You should set up a safe trellis, fence, or even a gazebo to divide the space reserved for the property’s second residents. In doing this, you tend to avoid run-ins or interferences from your ADU’s occupant.

Easy accessibility features: whilst constructing your ADU; you should ensure to be considerate and pay attention to accessibility. Not just for the physically challenged but also for elderlies. It might presently be your intention to rent out the space, but that could change later in the future, and your ADU needs to accommodate a senior or an individual with mobility issues. That said, the inclusion of such accessibility features as – Wide doors fitting mobility devices like wheelchairs, Stairlift, or a bungalow design, firm grip surfaces; provided, especially in the bathroom, Front ramp, and good lighting features for the better visibility – will go a long way in giving your ADU a wholesome feel.

Laundry: more often than not, there’s only so much one can fit an ADU with, but then if, as a homeowner, you prioritize the need to see your tenant have their own separate laundry. You will come to realize you’ve done your property and self a huge favor. Because not only would you have been able to drastically reduce interference, but you would have also importantly driven up the value of your ADU.

Even more Amenities

The above listed are not the exclusive list of amenities your ADU needs. But they form some of the most peculiar ones; however, below are a list of others that help you have a top-notch ADU.

  • Personal Closets
  • Walk-In Shower
  • Separate parking
  • Effective Heating and Coolant systems
  • Soaker Tub Etc.