December 1, 2023

A Comprehensive Guide to Sash Window Locks

Understanding the different types of windows and locks that you have at your property will help go a long way when you are in the process of upgrading your home security solutions. There are many different types of windows and window locks, as well as many different types of home security products. Knowing what it is you need will help when you find a supplier of home security products that you wish to purchase from. With expert advice and guidance, you can ensure that you have bought the correct type of window lock for your sash window, and that it is installed correctly for complete peace of mind.

Sash windows are one of those evergreen window options. They have been around for such a long time and remain a popular choice of window frame, especially in traditional and historical properties. The lock on a sash window is designed, as all window locks are, to prevent a window from being opened. They are fixed to the vertical sliding sash, no matter what material the sash window has been designed and constructed with.

The sash window itself is designed where two sashes slide up and down within the window frame. The top sash is the windowpane that is closer to the exterior of the building, with the bottom of the top sash aligning with the top of the lower sash. More modern versions of sash windows are designed where only one of the sash windows will move, usually the bottom sash.

Is it Easy to Open and Close a Sash Window Lock?

Sash window locks are designed to be easy to use and to open the window from the inside, whilst securing it to the outside world. Sash windows are ideal to open up part of the window to allow for fresh air. The locks are designed with a half circle lever that slides in and out of the catch. When you slide the level into the catch it brings the two window sashes together, creating a seal. To open a window, all you do is slide the level back out of the catch, unlocking the two and allowing you to open the window.

Will My Child Be Able to Open a Sash Window Lock?

Although when you compare a sash window lock to other types of window locks it might appear that they are not as safe for children, it isn’t that easy for children to open them. Many sash windows are quite tall in nature and the catch is designed halfway up the window, which might make it hard to reach for many children. Aside from that, you can purchase additional window restrictors that prevent a child from opening a window any further than you have designated it to move.

Looking for a specialist supplier of home security products will help you have peace of mind that you are doing the right thing when upgrading your home security solitons. If you have sash windows at home, your expert home security product supplier will understand the different types of window locks on the market, and which will fit perfectly with the type of windows you have in your property, and the best way to install those specific locks. That is why it is so important to understand the security aspects of your sash windows.