December 1, 2023

7 Tips to Create a Home Sanctuary

The stress of everyday life can sometimes catch up with you, which is why it’s so important to have a special place just for you where you can unwind and forget about the outside world. Here are a few ideas to help you create your very own sanctuary at home.

  1. Know Your Taste and Preferences

What is your interior design style? Have you never had the opportunity to fully express it? Your home sanctuary is the place to start. Take a look online or in interior design magazines to find inspiration. What color palettes do you most admire? What textures and shapes jump out to you? Knowing what you like is the first step to creating a personal home sanctuary.

  1. Address Any Snags

Not everyone has a perfect home, and small snags can occasionally interrupt the flow of life. Even if your sanctuary is a protected bubble, moving through your home should feel easy and frictionless. This is difficult when you’re constantly reminded of that broken cabinet or faulty garage door. If you turn your attention to fixing these problems, either by recruiting a friend with DIY skills or seeking a local garage door service from PreciseGDS, your mind can rest easier knowing the rest of your home is its best.

  1. Choose Effective Lighting

How you light your home sanctuary will have a significant impact on the mood you create. Do you want bright, energetic light that encourages activity, or soft, warm light that relaxes you? Color-changing light bulbs and different lamps can add dimension and coziness to a room that might otherwise appear bland.

  1. Be Strict with Yourself

Although it might sound counter-intuitive to be strict with yourself in a room dedicated to relaxing, it’s important to take your de-stress techniques seriously. Give yourself a rule that you won’t check your phone or look at work emails while enjoying time in your sanctuary. Don’t undermine the positive effects your home sanctuary could have by dragging the outside world into it.

  1. Consider Sound

Specially designed wall panels can protect your sanctuary from outside noise. This will add to the secluded and safe atmosphere you are trying to create. Use a speaker to play gentle ambient sounds, white noise, or soothing music to enhance the serene mood. Even simply wearing earbuds or noise-canceling headphones can achieve the same results.

  1. Prioritize Physical Comfort

When furnishing your home sanctuary, don’t allow anything that brings you physical discomfort. If that chair makes your backache, then ditch it. If the rug is scratchy on your feet, find something softer. Pay attention to the small sensory experiences and tweak them until you’re satisfied.

  1. Build it Into Your Routine

Once you’ve designed the perfect home sanctuary, don’t neglect it. Make time to visit and enjoy it regularly. You’ll soon start to notice the improvement in your overall mood, and the stresses of life may start to feel easier to handle. It’s amazing how having your own space can make such a positive difference to your outlook on life.