December 1, 2023

5 Warning Signs That You Need Sewer Line Repair

Did you know that sewer line repair is one of the most common home repairs? According to HomeAdvisor, sewer line repair and replacement rank in the top 5 most common home repairs. If you’re noticing any of the following signs, it’s time to call a professional for sewer line repair in Chandler:

Slow drainage in sinks or tubs

If your sinks and tubs take too long to drain, it could signal that you need sewer line repair. Drains should quickly pull any water down without any backup or slow draining.

Gurgling noises coming from drains

Gurgling noises from your drains indicate that sewer line repair may be needed. This happens when air gets trapped in the pipes and has nowhere to go, causing a bubbling noise. 

Wet spots on the ground near drains

If you notice wet patches of ground near your sewer line drains, it could be a sign that sewer line repair is necessary. These wet spots can indicate that raw sewage is leaking from the sewer line and needs to be fixed soon.

Water backing up into drains or toilets

If you notice water backing up into your toilets or drains, sewer line repair is necessary. This is usually caused by a blockage in the sewer line and needs to be addressed quickly.

Foul odors from drains

If you smell sewer gas or other foul smells from your sewer line drains, it indicates that you need sewer line repair. This usually means there is a blockage in the sewer line, and it needs to be addressed immediately.

If you notice any warning signs, you must act fast and call a professional sewer line repair company. Sewer line problems can become bigger and more expensive if they are not fixed quickly, so don’t wait to get sewer line repair. It’s always best to call a knowledgeable professional with the right tools for sewer line repair services. They can assess the problem and determine the best way to fix it. It’s also essential to ensure you have quality sewer line insurance in place so that if sewer line repair is necessary, your insurance will cover the cost. Get your sewer lines fixed today, and stay ahead of any potential sewer line problems!