December 1, 2023

5 Fantastic Energy Efficient Upgrades for Your Home

Whether you wish to test out your DIY prowess on a brand-new project or simply want to make a more sustainable home for yourself and your family, it is worth thinking about the many benefits of opting for a greener outlook.

An energy-efficient home is not only great for the planet in general, but it can save your finances from mysteriously vanishing every time the electricity bill comes through.

If you need some direction on where to start making your first energy-efficient upgrades, here are 5 fantastic undertakings to think about.

Installing a PTAC Unit

Installing a PTAC (packaged terminal air conditioner) unit can be a great way to accurately regulate your room temperature based on your needs, negating the need for you to leave your system on throughout the entire day, effectively saving you money by reducing wastage.

A wireless thermostat from PTAC Inc. can revitalize performance of your PTAC unit, so if you need to upgrade your current climate control setup, this is certainly worth checking out.

Aside from the initial setup costs and perhaps one or two accessibility upgrades, this is a low-cost, highly energy-efficient option for your heating needs.

Switch Providers

Switching providers every now and then is a must if you aim to keep your costs low and make sure you get the best deal for your specific needs.

Thanks to online comparison platforms, the switching process is perhaps easier than ever before. Moreover, switching to an energy supplier that uses green and sustainable practices might be a good way to save money while promoting an eco-friendly future.


Insulating your attic is a superb way to help cutdown on energy loss throughout the entire home, and if you had the time, tools, and motivation, you could even do it yourself.

This is a great upgrade that can save you a great deal of money while even adding value to your home, which is worth bearing in mind if you ever think about selling in the future.

It can be expensive in the first instances, but the amount of money you will be able to save over time should drastically outweigh this, so taking a long-term view may be the best way forward.

Seal it Up

Energy has a nasty habit of escaping through even the tiniest cracks in the household, so making sure to seal up the gaps is a must in your efforts to build an energy-efficient property.

Caulk can be your best friend for this, as it is a great, inexpensive material that is fairly easy to manipulate. It is worth looking at any old windows that might need sealing, floorboards, or cracks in the walls.

Upgrade the Lights

It seems dumbfoundingly obvious but forgetting to turn off the lights is an all-too-common occurrence for many.

It can be a heinous waste of both energy and money, so installing smart bulbs could be the answer for the most forgetful among you to avoid leaving on the lights.

Infographic Provided By Solar Panel Installation Company, Sunburst Solar