December 1, 2023

5 Architects in Singapore: Learn About the Different Architectural Styles

Architectural style refers to the design or looks of a building. Every country has its own unique architectural styles, and Singapore architect are no exception.

Here are five types of architecture commonly found throughout this island nation:

– The first style that is popular in Singapore is Art Deco. This type of architecture was inspired by Cubism and Futurism, which started to flourish after World War I ended. One example of this architectural style is Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

– Another popular design choice for architects in Singapore is buildings with a touch of Chinese influence. The Straits Chinese and Peranakans culture – the early immigrants to Singapore from China, Indonesia, and Malaysia – inspired this style of architecture. One example is Asia Square Tower.

– Modernist architects in Singapore also like to incorporate a lot of glass into their designs because it allows for natural light to enter through windows built into the structure. Because this is ideal, it makes modernist architecture a popular choice for those working in offices and other commercial buildings. One example of Modernist style Singaporean architecture is The Interlace.

– Architects who work with open space designs often use Brutalist or New brutalism as their architectural style because they want to create an industrial look for their building. One example of Brutalist architecture is Suntec City.

– The contemporary style has recently become more popular in Singapore due to its ability to incorporate aspects from different architectural styles without being too difficult on the eyes or mind. Some skyscrapers use this type of design, such as Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower Three.